Playscheme Events

HPS Playscheme Events! (These are subject to change)

Week 1

Mon 29th Jul: Welcome Day (Get creative, play inside and out, make new friends! Lots to make and do.)

Tue 30thJul: Bouncy Castle (This is a weather permitting event) 

Wed 31st Jul: Cooking Day! (If you like food and you like to eat, this day is for you!)
Thu 1st Aug: Martial Arts Visit(This is a fun filled visit from a new company based in Dorking! Discover a new talent!)
Fri 2nd Aug: Theatre Day (Feel free to dress up! A chance for any budding actors and actresses!)

Week 2

Mon 5th Aug: Beach Day! (We can't go to the beach but the beach is coming to us!)
Tue 6th Aug: Water Theme Day! (Our annual chance to chase the staff down and get them wet - as well as you if you wish!)
Wed 7th Aug: Andy Hiccup Magic Show! (A new visitor to our scheme - a day of madcap magic and fun is promised!)
Thu 8th Aug: Roman Day! (Find out all about this era - we will have an afternoon Roman Feast. Feel free to dress up!)
Fri 9th Aug: Laser Tag (A chance to see how accurate your laser aim is!!)

Week 3

Mon 12th Aug: Fire Service! (A visit from Surrey Fire and Rescue - duties permitting)
Tue 13th Aug: Woodwork Creative! (Get creative with real wood and tools to work with. Adult supervision!)
Wed 14th Aug: Bouncy Castle! (This is a weather permitting event!)
Thu15th Aug: Elements Day! (We will explore the elements of earth, wind and fire - outdoor cooking pm!)
Fri 16th Aug: PJ Day (Part 1! Feel free to come in your pjs - a film with popcorn and ice cream pm!)

Week 4

Mon 19th Aug: Football Pool (Featuring a giant pool table with football sized pool balls! A game to be played with your feet!)
Tue 20th Aug: Environmental/Nature Day! (An opportunity to explore our wonderful envirnoment both near and far!)
Wed 21st Aug: Fun and Games Day! (Plenty to do for all ages and stages of development!)
Thu 22nd Aug: Festival Day! (Our very first Action House Festival Day - lots to make and do!)
Fri 23rd Aug: Cooking Day (Part 2! More food creations to get involved with!)


Week 5

Tue 27th Aug: Bouncy Castle! (This is a weather permitting event!)
Wed 28th Aug: Reptiles Visit! (A visit from a range of amazing reptiles and their owner!)
Thu 29th Aug: Carnival Day! (A follow up day from our festival day - we will have a parade pm!)
Fri 30th Aug: PJ Day (Part 2! Feel free to come in your pjs - a film with popcorn and ice cream pm!)

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